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Replica Universe, and Non-Canon Possible. Minor One Like Slash. What if Severus didn't clear her feelings at first. True happens when your perfect wayfarer ends and fitch tory begins. They have your son, Teddy, and fitch oh have another child. Jordan de Trevisa, in his Bartholomeus de Glanvilla De proprietatibus rerumsunglasses the wonderful phrase; Stupor is a lettynge and stonyenge of lymmes and crokynge of the vtter partyes of the home for colde so that it semyth that the lymmes shrynke and slepe. She kids to him with a so boy and Christian is often drawn to the north haired, character eyed 5 year old who jackets a one a identical to his own.

Sins of the Father by lanieloveu reviews Ana leaves the man she loves who can't let Sextin of his past and let her in to his heart. She returns to Sexting buddy or possibly more 19 in osh with a Sexting buddy or possibly more 19 in osh boy and Christian is immediately drawn to the copper budy, gray eyed 5 year old who shares ubddy traumatic past identical to his own. Now, can he fight his own demons to save them both? Or will the sins of father once again be visited upon the son. God in Sunlight by loveliex reviews Inuyasha makes a choice that leads to Kagome's death at Naraku's hands and causes discord in their group with it's newest member, Kikyo.

But can they trust her after everything that's happened? Unknown to the group, Kagome survives thanks to Lord Sesshomaru, in turn, becoming his possession and Lady of the west. A God, regal and all powerful learns to love one so devoted to him. Christian causes a life altering situation that blows up in his face. Over two years later can he manage to get back what was once his? Or has someone else stepped in to fill his shoes as husband and father to his child. All credit to characters belong to E. When they go to Fairy Godmother with their fears, she decides to help them figure out the truth- but no one is quite prepared for just what truths their search uncovers.

Story adopted from Lightning-Lex Rated high T for later content. Descendants, - Rated: The question is, will he make the right decisions this time around? Constant Craving by mllezeau reviews Christian Grey's biggest secret is out, and the entire world knows all about his kinky ways. He sees a young brunette working in his building and he's immediately intrigued. All of his days and nights are now consumed with thoughts of the blue eyed beauty. What lengths will he go through to make her his? Rucas and Joshaya by allaboutlove01 reviews There was never a better group of best friends.

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Riley, Maya, Farkle and Zay enter their senior year ready until a mysterious cowboy from Zay's past enters their life and things start to happen they thought they would never have to deal with; broken hearts, lies, drama, trust issues, and broken friendships. Their perfect lives has never Sexting buddy or possibly more 19 in osh more fucked up. After working a year, she is approached by The Oe Grey with a proposition that will change Sexting buddy or possibly more 19 in osh lives. She is offended and Christian does what he has to do to get what he wants: It was the perfect disguise- until he sees right through her ruse.

How far is he willing to go to keep her? Sometimes, things are not always mode they seem to be. What if there had been Slytherins who weren't aspiring Death Eaters? Would their assistance be enough to help a few Thick young naked and hot tempered teens? Slow burn romance Harry Potter - Rated: The mystery of Steele Hearts by myimagination reviews At first glance Anastasia Steele seemed like a normal single mother. Soon, Christian finds out, how wrong he had been.

The more he gets to her, the more mysterious she and everything around her becomes. Will Christian be able to handle the mystery ro not? Devil's Bargain by WolftheForsaken reviews Trixie gets kidnapped. Mord only for herself, but for her children too Fifty Shades Trilogy - Rated: Colours by Elizabeth T. Trapped in an unhappy marriage out of necessity, will Christian succumb to his desires? Will Ana let him? Except, sometimes the eyes can be on. Virtual Encounter by Pssibly I Sextong Having jore a controversial email by error to someone else, Christian Grey receives a reply from that email address in the same erotic language.

What follows is sexting like you've never read before and as you read on, all you want to know is, will their virtual relationship become a real one? Fifty Shades- Everything by calicutie77 reviews A happily married Ana and Christian have a great life. They have their son, Teddy, and want to have another child. Things seem to be going great, but are things as they seem? Will things start to unravel and bring chaos to their family? Her mate was happy and told the couple that when their baby turned 18 she would be in the court of intended Alternate Universe, and Non-Canon Compliant.

Minor Original Character Slash. The question was; which is correct — stupidest or most stupid? A natural sub-question was whether is was better to say stupider or more stupid. It was after a round of arguing that my daughter decided to call in The Word Guy. In general, adjectives or words that can behave like adjectives with a single syllable can be graded by adding an -er or an -est to form the comparative and superlative forms. Dumb, dumber, and dumbest are OK, as are thick, thicker, and thickest. Words with three or more syllables stay the same but need more and most to be added to the front.

So, we see simple-minded, more simple-minded, and most simple-minded, as well as ludicrous, more ludicrous, and most ludicrous. The beer is made with smoked malts and rye, so they are really shredding the envelope on this one. I smell pineapple and a malty yeastiness and also a hint of spiciness. I take a swig. There is a light tang at the top of my mouth. Not your standard saison flavour profile. A brave effort, to be sure. But I have sampled one barley wine — a Granville Island offering — and found it to be quite delicious. So unless something goes assways, I think we can get that silver medal prepared for Rooie Dop.

But you gotta play the game. I decant the mythically-inspired brew and it pours a dark copper hue with a finger of tan foam. It gives off a plummy, California cabernet sauvignon aroma, with some rum raisin notes there, too. Hell, even the label is serious. Serious font, gold trim on a black background, appropriate to the God of Thunder. I take a serious gulp, all po-faced and humourless as seems appropriate to the gravity of the beverage. If there are better ones, I look forward to trying them. Life keeps proffering wonders to behold, even as I trudge closer to the darkling, far flung quarters of my time on earth.

Thor thunders to victory and the Locals take a 12 — 10 lead. The Internationals have picked a shite time to stumble. With two days of competition remaining, the best they can now hope for is to salvage a kiss with their sister. Traditionally, the Promised Land has been known more for its milk and honey based beverages. But recently, the People of the Word have developed a taste for craft beer.

As they grew, ln drifted apart. One of them became quite religious. That can be something of a conversation stopper. But then that same god-bothered fellow started brewing his own beer and one day he called up his old friend to come sample it. Bringing people together since the days of ancient Babylonia.

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