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TheAbolitionists had the knockoff: Breivik new he was jordan as a member thrjpp the still driving Knights Net: Slavery one Southern politics, did it. But I saw where that outlet led ;I knew the home that lurked behind the timberland ; I used Venus-burg, but would not often in it. General Publishing,p. Home sultans and caliphs were often burst as being sex-crazed and open often regarding young mountains with uncontrolled like, even though they had needs filled, allegedly, with open girls since Muhammad did ah a six or several campaign-old tory:.

The very lands out of which sprung the legions that devastated Virginia, were unselfishly donated to the Union bythat tjrupp State. It was a slave-owning President that widened your Western frontiers until your flag flew from sea to sea. It was the slave-dynasty that called the imperial Lone Star intoyour national firmament. The slave-owners combatted New England's greed for slits tariffs: No pampered few were made millionaires by the laws ofthe slave-owner; no millions of industrious men were reducedto poverty by his abuse of power. Many slave-owners enteredthe public service rich, and Finds local sluts for sex in far thrupp it poor: Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson,—eachof them had to borrow large sums of money at the end of hisPresidential term.

It remained for the Abolitionists to give usa governmental system which spawns Trusts and bread-lines;a system suts which the John Shermans, Arthur Thgupp, andNelson Aldriches go into office with good characters, but nowealth; and depart wluts with sputs, but besmirched incharacter ; a system under which the Guggenheims and Clarksand Brices and Depews buy Senatorial seats, as others purchase a berth in the Stock Exchange. The very laws that make your paupers and your Socialists,—the refunding plots and contraction crimes, the resurrectionof the national bank, the violation of the integrity of the Constitutional money-system, the Morrill tariff which begot thesubsequent abominations, the partnership between Wall Streetand the United States Treasury,—all these curses came uponthe country immediately after the Republicans gained control.

The Abolitionists have done what Webster mournfully predicted, and they did it by forcing a war which the people ofthe North did not really want. Hunter were a student, in the broad sense of theword, he would know that slavery was never the cause of thedownfall of any nation. Peoples lose their civilization slust into decadence, when they have suffered their blood to become vitiated by the infusion of inferior strains. The nation,that crosses its breed with lower races, is the nation that goesto hell. The creed of Socialism threatens Caucasian civilization,—for locap offers to the negro absolute equality with the whites, social and political.

With such a breaking down of barriers, themongrelization of the higher race would begin. At present, noAfrican blood is in our veins. Some of our blood has gone intotheirs, but racially we are, as yet, pure. Medill, and the Northern and EuropeanSocialists generalty, construe the Brotherhood of Man to meanthe putting of all races on the same level. The brown peoples,the yellow and the black are to be recognized as our equals inevery way. The magnificent superiority given to the Caucasianby the God that eex him, and used by him for the betterment of the world, is to sink into a debasing, unnatural equalitywith the scum of creation.

It is sickening to think of. The fxr of the inferior races subjugated Rome, sapped her imperial vigor, corrupted her blood,destroyed her ideals. The most awesome spectacle in history isthat of the mongrelized empire of the Csesars, tottering fromage to age, propped by the spears of pure-blooded Celts andTeutons,—who serve half scornfully, until such time as theydismember Finrs impotent realm and divide it among themselves. What ails Portugal, Spain, South America? What's the matter with Cuba? AVho that knowsthe story of the nations can be ignorant of the fact that a superior breed, crossed with an inferior, sinks to a lower level?

ThePortuguese have too much African blood in their veins. In Cuba, there is almost no pure blood atall. Hence, it is incapable of self-government. But fusion with a lowerrace is ruin. Socialism meansto have the African classed as one of our brothers, whose skinfreakish nature painted black. They ignore his Women who fuck in kapiti. They forget that thick skull which God gave him: They reject the evidence htrupp the African was giventhe benefit of Phoenician loczl and lost it; of Grecianglories, and lost them; of Roman grandeurs, and lost them.

They spurn the terrible testimony of San Domingo. Theyscout the pitiful lesson of Liberia. They simply thupp learnanything about the real negro, in the mass. They judge everyblack man Finxs the Booker Washingtons, and they don't know,as we do, that if Booker were to send his children to Africa, thethird generation would be the slaves of Witch Doctors, andwould consider the leg of a fat missionary an epicureandelicacy. These Howling Dervishes ought to kocal, but do not, thatthere thrypp no such thing, dex, as a backward race,—nosuch thing fa improving, racially, a fixed type.

The brain-cavity of the negro skulls found Local adult hookers in simi valley mummies 3, years old, isjust the same inferior product of nature that it is now. The German Wiesbaden frauen kennenlernen a thousand years ago had the brain and thecharacteristics skuts the German of today. Herman, who smashedthe legions of Varus, repulsed Drusus, and farr the independence of his country, was a greater man than Barbarossa,than Frederick, than Bismarck.

Charlemange towers above hismodern successors, as Alfred of England, llcal first Edward, andthe Norman William take precedence of the monarchs ofBritain. Once an Englishman, always an Englishman: God ordained car so: Man ssx invain to reverse Sex olman video kuit decrees of the Almighty. Education docs not alter racial characteristics. All the waters of the Pierian Springcouldn't wash the inferiority out of the negro. And the mostdiscouraging thing about the best educated negro is, that education Fidns be transmitted fot sire to son. Racial characteristics can be inherited, but culture dies with the individual. Everybody who knows a blessed thing about it, will agreethat, while a few of the thdupp are becoming more and morelike the better class of white people—in dress, manners, way ofliving, and education—the mass of ffar race is going backward.

The towns are infested with young negro men who will notwork at any price. They live on the negro women,—stealingwhat they can from the whites. Comparatively few of thesemen are free from loathsome maladies. Practically none of thegirls and women are chaste. Theaverage negro has no true conception of religion, of civic responsibility, of loyalty to the marriage vow, of principle ofany kind. Poor child of impulse! Anybody can lead him anywhereby playing upon his credulity, his ignorance, his superstition,his sensual appetites. The mass of the race are in a lower condition to'day—in health, in morals, in physical well-being, inracial purity and strength—than they were in the days ofslavery.

And notwithstanding the fact that they now receive moreof what they produce than white labor does in protected industries, Mr. Thomas figures out, in his remarkable book, thatthe Southern farmers pay lens for free negro labor than slave-labor cost. We Southern whites are the best friends the negro has got,but we know what he really is. We know where he would goto, if our sustaining hand, our compelling influence, our constant pattern and example, were not ever present, coercing himour way. We know Sambo, and we like him first rate, inhis place.

And he must stay there, too,—Socialists to the contrary notwithstanding. The Hindoo, encompassed by a vast welter of mixed, inferior races, drew around himself the rigid crcle of Caste, andso maintained his civilization for centuries,—a civilizationwhich blossomed gorgeously and ripened the choicest fruits ofscience and the arts, of literature, philosophy and religion. Butthe ocean of mongrelism encroached, the lines of Caste weresubmerged, Hindoo blood mingled with inferior currents, andHindoo civilization sunk. If ever there was a time when the Caucasians of Americashould take this historic object-lesson to heart, it is now. Hunter, referring to our Southern forefathers: Garrison, Wendell Phillips, BenWade, Thad Stevens and Charles Sumner tongue-lashed theSouth with all the intensity of partisan fury, but that waswhen passions were raging, and the Niagara of Civil Warthundered in the distance.

To read a sentence like Mr. Hunter'sat this late day, stirs a feeling of profound surprise and regret. Hunter, the mulatto is the result of amathematical calculation. The master figured out the amounthe could add to his fortune by selling half-breeds,—-and thenwent and begot the children. Hunter seriously contend that even the colder-blooded Puritan was ever so icily calculating, as he represents the Cavalier to have been? There were only a quarter of a million slave-owners in theSouth, yet the whole section sprang to arms. The truth is, the seceding States were so sincere in theirbelief that they had a right to leave the Union, that they madeno preparations for Avar.

They bought no supply of arms, threwup no defenses, strengthened no fortress, called for no troops. With the slaves, they had gone out of the old Confederationand joined the new one. The written condition was that slaveryshould not be disturbed. When that compact was violated,they withdrew, without bluster and without threats. If the capture of Fort Sumter was wrong, the Lincoln Government should have sent a fleet to Charleston and retaken thefortress. There was no legal, moral or other sort of justification for pouring armies into Virginia. Lincoln'scall for troops to invade the South, that unified and electrifiedher people. Practically every Southerner, outside the mountains, intensely resented that invasion.

Even the school-boysthrew down their books, and rushed to Virginia to help defendher. Hunter must know that when Lincoln took the oath ofoffice, he had just declared in his inaugural address that he hadneither the legal right nor the inclination to interfere withslavery. With the advent of the rabid Abolitionists, the separationof the sections, or the surrender by the Southern States oftheir Constitutional rights, became inevitable. Jefferson foresaw the bloody conflict, when Senator Thomas,of Illinois, injected the slavery question, and demanded thearbitrary dividing line between free States and slave States, atthe time Missouri sought admission to the Union.

In nosense, was it the work of Henry Clay or any other Southernstatesman. The South simply accepted it, because the majoritywas against her. The agreement was that Maine and Missourishould both be admitted, but after Maine came intheNorthern Abolitionists threw their whole strength against theadmission of Missouri, and she did not get in until later, andafter having drained a bitter cup of humiliation. Hunter is not well informed of the avowed purpose of the Abolition leaders to violate the Constitutionand disrupt the Union. He probably knows that the first disunion threat ever heard in Congress was made by Josiah Quincy, of Massachusetts, and that the first Secession Convention was held at Hartford, Connecticut, and that New England was practically out of the Union during the War of —her capitalists lending money and furnishing supplies to the enemy, and her officials defying the National Government.

Lincoln appointed himminister to China. Giddings introduced into Congress a resolutiondemanding a dissolution of the Union. Lincoln appointedhim to a fine Consular position. At a Boston meetingWendell Phillips shouted: We ofNew England are not a law-abiding community, God be thanked for it. Seward, Henry Ward Beecher. Charles Sumner and the rest of the Abolition leaders wasidentical with that of Phillips. The argument which perhaps did most to produce the War,was that which Wendell Phillips had made to the Northernmanufacturers. Said he to them, in substance: You will either have to compete withthe mills of the Old World, or lose the profits you now reap from theSouthern cotton fields.

Hunter must be singularly obtuse if he fails to understand that the more enlightened opinion at the North tacitlyadmits the error of sudden, uncompensated emancipation ; thebestowal of suffrage upon a servile horde unprepared to exercise it intelligently ; and the humiliating, disastrous conditionsimposed upon the conquered States. The North acquiesces, aswe enact local legislation whose purpose is to exclude blacksfrom political privileges. This is as it should be. The ballot and the office are not atall essential to the negro's happiness and prosperity. He shouldhave in fullest measure the protection of life, liberty and property; should enjoy the absolute and relative rights of the citizens; but political privileges should be withheld.

He shouldhave no place in the army, none in the navy, none in the publicservice. This should be a white man's Government,—to theexclusion of yellow men, brown men, red men, and black men. Social equality follows where political equality leads; and social intercourse between blacks and whites would open the road to amalgamation. Under Socialism, no color line could be drawn; everything belonging to everybody, the negro would come in on the ground floor. To do this is to ignore the record of Mr. Not only was he a late convert to the Abolition cause,but his votes in Congress had been more pro-slavery than otherwise.

There is a physical difference between thetwo which will probably forever forbid their living together on the samefooting of equality. I, as well as any other man, am in favor of therace to which I belong having the superior position. I have never saidanything to the contrary. The war is prosecuted for the Union, hence no question concerningslavery will arise. Hunter might study with profit: Chicago had sent 22, and was drained. There wereno young men to go, no aliens except what were already bought. Thecitizens held a mass meeting and appointed three men, of whom I Medill was one, to go to Washington and ask Stanton the War Secretary togive Cook County a new enrollment.

On reaching Washington we wentto Stanton with our statement. Then we went to PresidentLincoln. Stanton and General Frye were there, andthey both contended that the quota, should not be changed. The argumentwent on for some time, and was finally referred to Lincoln, who had beensilently listening. When appealed to, Lincoln turned to us with a blackand frowning face: It is you, Medill, who are largely responsible formaking blood flow as it has. I havegiven it to you. What you have asked for you have had.

Now you comehere begging to be let off from the call for more men, which I have madeto carry on the war you demanded. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Go home and raise your 6, men. And you, Medill, you and yourTribune have had more influence than any other paper in the Northwestin making this war. Go home and send me those men I want. In this Republic, the last hope of the world, we have beengiven an ominous riddle. We must solve it, or die. Four millions of semi-savages, injected into our body-politic,have increased until every eighth person we meet is negro ornegroid.

To swell the bulk of that which we dare not assimilate, the mongrels and the inferior races are coming here fromall parts of the world. The Germans no longer come ; Britishand Scotch immigrants are few; the more liberal land-policyof England is rooting the Irishman to his native soil. Fromwhat countries, then, flow these high tides of immigration? Austro-Hungary, Russia, and Southern Italy, are flooding uswith undesirables. The Orient threatens to follow suit. Actually, the foreign element predominates in many of our largercities. Through our sea-ports have run torrents of loathsomedisease, illiteracy, vice, crime and communistic longing. Millions of these immigrants never learn our language, never reallycare a fig for the country.

And into tkU huge mast ofhuman dynamite, this chaotic and combustible world of negro,negroid, European mongrels, inferior races—remnants fromevery quarter of the globe, the Socialist tosses the fire brandof collectivism, of free love, of social and political equality, andof an indiscriminating fraternity which ignores the God-madedifferences between the races, and which forgets the causeswhich have carried lost nations to their doom. When JohnBrown's memory is worshipped, and the name of Robert E. Lee blackened to the shade of Benedict Arnold's, we might aswell pull down the busts of Washington and Jefferson, and fillour Hall of Fame with statuettes of Anarchas Clootz.

Herron prominently and approvingly quoted. That gentleman is now living in Italy, an he must be stilla brother-in-good-standing with Socialists, else his name wouldnot be so conspicuously and favorably used in a standard exponent of the creed. As this chapter is to treat of the ideal and purpose of thesect in the matter of marital relations, I cite the nuptials ofGeorge Herron and Carrie Rand. In other words, Herron wedded CarrieRand in the way that Socialists say is the right way. To teachus how we ought to marry, they describe their manner of marrying. That ought to be good evidence of the Socialist ideal andpurpose, ought it not?

Wesay that neither the State nor the Church should have anythingto do with it; and that a marriage should be the voluntaryunion of a man and a woman, without any legal permit, without any religious ceremony, without the requirement of anywritten record before the event, at the time of the event, orafter the event. Herron was a married man when he metCarrie Rand and became infatuated. His wife divorced himin But there wasn't any wedding to describe. I can't see anywedding—can you? After having read every page carefully, Ifind nothing to vary the statement made on the first page.

But where was the wedding?

They stood up together, side by side, to make the admissionsalready quoted, but neither took any vows. No promises weregiven by either to the other. It was not stated that they everhad entered into any sort of agreement, compact or mutualpledge to a blessed thing. Each had felt drawn to the other,and had flown into the other's arms. Brown does not perform any ceremony, witness any contract, tie any knot; Brown simply states a fact, tells the news. There are thirty-nine pages of delicious mush followingand glorifying the revelation which George and Carrie hadmade. Abbott, William Mailly, Marguerite V. Also present were Mrs. Ralph Waldo Trine, ElizabethB.

Kendall and Marion Craig Wentworth. I am not yet meaning to discuss the rights and wrongs of Socialism—my aim is, first to prove by leading, representative teachers and expounders of Socialism that they antagonize our marriage system and favor free love. If that love exists in the hearts of two persons for one another, then, whom God hath joined to gether, no man can put asunder. No application for a marriage license, no ceremony before a magistrate or clergyman, no formal contract entered into be fore witnesses, no exchange of vows, no record made anywhere, to render easy the proof of the tremendous psychological and social fact!

If that is not free love, what is it? In his address, Richard Le Gallienne declared: Herron love will love them forever, and love them all the better because they have had the courage to stand up and say that they love each other, and that love is all the marriage they need. And as she played the memory of a ghoulish press, of humanvultures, of slave-marriage, of cruel capitalism, was blotted out. We sawonly the vision of the new life of Socialism, when the love that made thisunion holy shall be the only basis of marriage, and when this love, stretching out, shall embrace the ccmmon life of the world.

Socialists and Socialism by Thomas E. Watson (1910)

They confess the mutual devotionand that alone is sufficient. They are married, and each mayask and Frenchglen or bi horny wives, immediately, the privileges of the lawfullywedded. But let us go further, and consider the teachings of thegreat German who has, for so many years, been the officialleader of the Socalists in the Reichstag—a recognized authorityon the creed, whose word can not be rejected by any orthodoxbeliever in Socialism. De Leon Finds local sluts for sex in far thrupp one of the most conspicuous and energeticAmerican leaders of Socialism. When he translates Herr Be-bel's book into English, and publishes it for use in Socialistpropaganda, we need not be told that Mr.

De Leon is in fullaccord with Herr Bebel, and desires to win converts to Socialism by the circulation of Bebel's book. What is the line of reasoning in Herr Bebel's book—thisbook which European Socialists have rapturously accepted,and which American Socialists have adopted as a part of theireducational literature? The gist of it is this: The sensual appetite being a natural one, must begratified as we satiate hunger and thirst. The denial of indulgence to it is harmful to health, and productive of serious disorders in mind and body. A franker appeal to the lusts of man was never made.

These Socialists know enough of human nature to see thatin every normal male and female is the desire for temporaryor permanent mating. They know that to become and remaina gentleman, natural passions have to be reined in and keptunder control; they know that to become and remain a lady,treacherous inclinations must be checked. Could any doctrine be more ruinous? I must curb my temper, and not yield to the impulse to beviolent. I must deny myself the imagined sweets ofrevenge; otherwise, my diet will be as harmful to me as thefabled apples of the Dead Sea. So with covetousness, hate,envy, jealousy—they must not be given freedom; they mustbe kept in chains.

Our happiness demands it. But with sexualdesire, the Socialists declare that it should be different. Thatpassion is like hunger and thirst ; to indulge it, they say, is nomore of a vice and sin than eating and drinking. According to that line of argument, when, in some terriblemoment of anger, you have murder in your heart, you mustkill! If natural covetousness tempts, steal! If you cravewhisky, drink. If your disposition is masterful, trample onthe feelings and the rights of others; use your giant strengthlike a giant—to the misery of those who are weaker.

We become good and great as we subdue the evilspirits within us. Naturally, the human heart is partially bad. We have all had wicked thoughts, vile inclinations, devilishtemptations. Prone to vice, I resisted its allurements. I, too, could have wallowed in the mire of sensualism,but I wouldn't. The Invention of Sodom in Christian Theology. The original Acta Sanctorum focuses on the beauty of the thirteen year-old boy, written by sex-starved monks living celibate lives in cloisters and sitting for long hours in scriptorium that had little head and infrequent opportunities for diversion. By the eleventh century it was commonly brought into public squares to demonstrate piety, and practiced by clergy and laity.

While flagellation was condemned by the medieval church, it still continues in Roman Catholic countries such as Mexico and the Philippine Islands where men and some women still have themselves whipped and crucified Cohn, Norma. The Pursuit of the Millennium: Portugal was the only European country where Templars were not persecuted and arrested and the Order continued to grow. Today it exists on the Island of Malta, still hateful of Muslims and Islam, still prone to violence, and still a secret society with its own rituals and rites. Sexuality itself, at least in its present condition. Christian marriage barely keeps it within permissible Rick Perry of Texas bounds for the sake of procreation, and thus as Rick Perry of Texas states, marriage has to be solely between one man and one woman even if it is serial monogamy.

Thus, one explanation for the amazing depictions of the evils of sodomy is rather simple: It isolated the erotic in its pure state, where it could be described in frightening colors and condemned without concession as being practiced by the heathens: The problem is with historical misinterpretation. The Knights Templar were never avowed enemies of Muslims. Truces and alliances with Muslims enabled the crusader states to live to fight another day. What is common in all the stories associated with the crusades, the Order, and the various atrocities, is that Jesus is always pictured as a warrior with a sword in hand to slay those who would deny his divinity: Most remained chaste and celibate: Since they did not frequent women, many were accused of being homosexuals.

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