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Yeah, he woke up! Did you hear that the new and politically correct name for "lesbian". Putting on my cammies every morning was the easiest part of my day. Maybe for Joan of Arc, too, the wear of the uniform was a release from the burden of feminine performance, one less thing to worry about that allowed her to rise as a leader on the battlefield. So bring this forward years: Unlike the utility uniform used for work and on the battlefield, the current dress uniforms in use are still tailored to emphasize gender differences. The new dress blues being tested would use the male cut of the jacket and the male version of the white dress cap for both sexes during the parade season at Marine Corps Headquarters.

In making a single style dress uniform mandatory, the Marine Corps would recognize a single, all-inclusive historical identity: This included adopting language and behavior considered distinctly male, taking on tougher physical tasks in unit training and operations, even ignoring and sometimes participating in questionable activities off-duty. But even for all the attempts by female service members to prove their mettle and be as tough as the guys, many males in the military are quick to enforce gender stereotypes and aggressively police a line in the sand to keep the sexes separate and unequal. Locker room talk is the kissing and telling, the Marines coming back from liberty and describing in explicit detail their sexual exploits.

Locker room talk is the physical appraisal of a new female checking into the section. At its root, locker room talk is a way of keeping women in their place, even if they stand out in their job and perform meritoriously overseas, all it takes is one rumor for them to be separated from the men, demoted from the warrior fraternity, and reduced to a sexual object. Servicewomen are volunteering more and more for the dangerous jobs: FETs are typically attached to an infantry or other combat arms unit and act as liaisons with the local female population in the areas where these units operate.

FETs have been integral in the dialogue with Afghan women, ensuring that coalition troops hear the concerns and needs of the half of the population most easily overlooked in that country. Checkpoint and convoy security points in Muslim countries require women on staff in order to respect the social laws of gender interaction. It no longer needs to be argued that women are essential to the mission; just look at the way the military has expanded their role. To maintain the exclusion from combat roles creates an artificial boundary that women cannot cross.

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