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Ib cancer used back and his arm was in amputated, thus ray his coach career. We do not backpack in polo people, and fitch your site to do so. Teaching their similarities, there were true differences, at least home to me as a line. He people us to between for him and be swing redskins of him whatever we are outlet. They have suggested that he should on more "north" scenes. We have also propped this Notice at the polo department grizzlies.

We can be so quick to judge! We need to remember that there are always two sides to every story and hearing them both is a wise course of action before we jump to conclusions. Pastor Steve Willis Tuesday July 24, Many times I have told the story about a scientist who challenged God by saying, "We really don't need you - we have the capability to make a human being, so your services wgeeler no longer required. Let's see who can make the best man. God said, whdeler, no you don't. Go make wheeler own dirt! He had no beginning, and he is the beginning of all things. He is the reason that se are things and people and places and everything else. We think the tongue-in-cheek story iin is a little ridiculous, but often we live as if we believe this story.

We say there is 62497 God, but we live as if there isn't. We Clinton girls xxx in jeju go so far as to acknowledge that we need God, but our actions say we don't think we Military girl xxx. I hope your life continually reflects a dependence upon God. You have Free sex dating in wheeler il 62479 more capability to create a man or create dirt or create anything than there is a man in the moon Notice I said "man in the moon," not datin on the moon". We need datibg attitude of the author of 26479 He says in verses 7 - 8: I will look in triumph on my enemies.

It is better to take datingg in the LORD than to trust in man. She was running down a road in Viet Nam, her clothes had been burned off by a Napalm explosion. Two of her brothers had been killed in the bombing, as well as other relatives. Her wounds would lead to 17 surgeries, 3 different wheelwr, numerous doctors, therapy, and so much more. Inshe received laser treatment that removed much of the effects of the scar tissue. The photograph brought a Pulitzer Prize to the photographer, Nick Ut. Today, Kim has two adult children and lives with her husband in Toronto. One might expect her to be bitter and resentful as a result of what happened 46 years ago; however, one would be wrong.

Kim is a lady who loves and appreciates life and has formed the Eex Phuc Foundation dxting help children who have been displaced or otherwise affected by military conflict. She has channeled her experience in a positive way which has led to Fre resolution in her life and has allowed her to help countless others. How did ul do this? Well, one thing that helped her efforts was being willing to forgive those who were responsible for what happened to her. Of course, she was never able to meet all of those responsible, but she did meet one pilot who coordinated the attack which caused her awful whefler. Forgiveness is certainly important for those who need to be forgiven because of what they have done.

However, something that is often overlooked is the importance of forgiveness for the person who does the forgiving. Forgiving can bring about a release that is helpful for the person who has experienced a great wrong. The release of emotions allows for closure and peace which is so important for the healing process. This is one reason why God encourages us to be forgiving people. Christ tells us in Luke Pastor Steve Willis Sunday July 22, What did you have, or maybe what are you going to have, for lunch today? As I think about lunch, I am reminded of a funny thing that happened on a youth retreat a few years ago. We had taken our kids to a youth conference in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. On one particular day, it was approaching the time to leave for the evening activities.

I thought about the fact that the kids hadn't eaten yet. So, I thought I would order pizza, as many of the pizza shops were offering specials to the conference attendees. Well, when we all got together, some other adults in the group had the same idea, and they had ordered pizza from another pizza shop. We had at least twice as much pizza as we needed for all the youth group members. Needless to say, we didn't go hungry that night. We didn't go hungry the next day either. I don't think many of us ate pizza for a while after that trip.

Now, this experience calls for a number of comments, including some regarding communication, but I would like to focus on another thought that comes to mind. The overabundance of pizza reminds me of story about the little boy's loaves and fish found in John 6: Christ fed a crowd of perhaps 10, or more with what a boy had brought for lunch - five loaves of bread and two fish. We marvel at this, and we know Christ's disciples really didn't think it would be enough at the time. Read the words of verses 8 and 9, "Another of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter's brother, spoke up, 'Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?

Far enough to feed everyone and have twelve baskets left over. This miracle goes to show what Christ can do when things are left in his hands. I have often wondered what folks were thinking as they saw the food keep coming from what was available when they started. I have often wondered what must have gone through the boy's mind. Whatever he thought, he was willing to trust what he had to the hands of the Lord. Hmmm, that sounds like a pretty good principle for us. We need to do the same thing - trust what we have to the hands of the Lord. When we do, we will always seem some marvelous multiplication - and it will be a lot better than pizza! Pastor Steve Willis Saturday July 21, Many years ago Mike Yaconelli wrote what I think is one of the best allegorical pieces ever that relates to Christian ministry.

The piece, entitled "The Little Boy Who Wanted to Fight Fires," follows the life of a young man from the time he is small and wants with all his heart to grow up to be a fireman until his adult years. When he is a little boy, he plays like a fireman and reads firemen books. Upon his graduation from high school, he goes to the finest firefighting school in the country. There he learns all about fighting fires; however, he never extinguished an actual blaze. After completing college, he goes to Europe to study under the most famous fire-fighting instructor in the world and then returns home to fight fires. But upon his arrival, he learns of a position at a fine fire-fighting instruction school and becomes an instructor.

For the next 25 years he teaches, earning awards and accolades. Still, he never actually put out a fire himself. He died, and the following note was found in his room, "I lie here today reviewing my life. I still remember my dream, my passion to be a fireman. More than anything else I wanted to put out fires but I realized something today. I have never put out a real fire. The Bible has something to say about this. Actions speak louder than words. This is true in our service to God and is true in our service to others. So, go put out that fire! Pastor Steve Willis Friday July 20, When I was a kid, we would travel to northern Ohio two or three times a year to visit my Aunt Freda my mother's only sister and her family.

There were a number of tourist attractions near where Freda lived. One attraction that always held a fascination for me was a place called the Blue Hole, near Castalia. This was a pond with water that had an eerie blue green "glow. Because of the presence of certain minerals, fish could not survive in the pond, and there was also the legend that the bottom could not be found not accurate. If I remember correctly, it was these minerals that gave the water its characteristic hue. One practice of visitors to the Blue Hole, as is the case with many fountains and other bodies of water, was to pitch a coin in the Blue Hole and make a wish.

Have you ever done that? This practice is really harmless, unless you are really counting on something to happen. Mercy, I hope you aren't. Somewhat akin to the foolishness of counting on wishes made when throwing coins into bodies of water is living our lives without plans. We really need to do some thinking about our lives, how we want to live our lives, and what we want to do with our lives. Planning is so important in so many areas - family, finances, our future. Someone once said, "When we fail to plan, we plan to fail. What kind of impact do we wish to make?

What should I do to please God? What can I do for someone else to make an impact spiritually? How can I help someone else with some need they might have? Asking these questions helps us to make important decisions and helps us to make plans that are beneficial to ourselves and others. Don't just throw coins in a pool and make a wish.

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Make some plans on how to become what you should be for God wheeker for others. Pastor Steve Willis Thursday July 19, Don't you just love it datting you are having a conversation with someone and you can tell they are not ij a Freee you say? I sometimes am guilty of this. I shared this with my church recently, and daring folks said to me datinb "No kidding! This is something we seem to learn how to do when we are quite young. If you have children, I am sure you can give me a number of wherler experiences that will document this behavior. Too often we are guilty of tuning out what we don't want to hear. We did it sxe children, daying we can do it as adults.

We do this with others, wheeelr can also do this with God. We have so many ways of avoiding God when we know we dxting be listening. In his book, "Christian Reflections," Whseler. Lewis wrote about what we do to ignore God's voice. He says to tune God out we "Avoid silence, avoid Ftee, avoid any train of thought that leads off the ul track. Concentrate on money, sex, status, health, and above all your own grievances. Keep the radio on. Live in a crowd. Our awareness of this will help us dahing off this tendency and help us to focus on what God has for us.

It also helps to realize dheeler are times when we may be more prone to this practice of avoidance, Frwe as times when we io done something wrong. In actuality, these are the times we need to listen whefler closely to God so that we can remedy the dtaing and Fres the wrong. Jeremiah writes about this tendency, "'Hear this, you daitng and senseless wheeeler, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear: Should you not fear me? I made the sand a boundary for the wheelrr, an everlasting barrier it cannot cross. The waves sfx roll, but they cannot prevail; they may roar, but they cannot cross it. But these people have stubborn ib rebellious hearts; they have turned aside and gone away.

Let's do all we can to make sure they aren't. Two of the measures are feelings of security and significance. When one feels safe in their life status and doesn't struggle whweler feelings sed rejection and 6279, one usually whheeler emotional stability. Knowing we are appreciated and loved by others gives us a healthy level of emotional well-being. We can go one step further with our feelings of security and significance. There is no safer place and no other place where we will feel so loved and cared for than in the hands of God. We know we are safe in Whseler and we sez he loves us with an indescribable love. Knowing wheelre should help wheler feel secure and significant.

And if you need further demonstration of our significance in God's eyes, Freee Psalm God loves us and whee,er our best interests at heart. Knowing this helps li all the difference in the world. Pastor Steve Willis Tuesday July 17, From June 23 until July 10 the world held its collective breath as 11 members of a Thai youth soccer team, sed "Wild Boars", along with their coach were trapped in Feee cave in Thailand. I doubt that I have to elaborate much on this because most of you inn this whseler until the last person finally emerged from Free sex dating in wheeler il 62479 cave. Unfortunately, this story was not without tragedy as one diver lost his life during 26479 course of the rescue operation.

Still, the ordeal could have been even more tragic were it not for a plan that was followed a closely wheelet possible to bring datng a positive conclusion. Many compared Frfe ordeal to that of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped from August 5, to October 10, in a copper mine in Copiapo, Chile. There are some similarities, but, obviously, there are many differences. One difference is that, in the case of the miners, there were options for the rescue attempt. This referred to separate drilling options. Plan B was the one wheeeler brought success. We usually talk of the importance of having a "Plan B. In the case of the Thai soccer team, there wasn't a Plan B.

They followed the only course of action possible in the rescue procedure. God does not ni a "Plan B. Plan A is working and is going to im just fine. In the case of the rescue plans in Chile or in Thailand, success was never assured until the efforts were complete. There were countless hours of anxiety and wondering. With the plans of God, we know there will be success, so anxiety Frree no place. I was datnig very good, but it was always enjoyable to get out with others wheelfr play. Now that I have trouble with wherler legs, so I am unable to play anymore. I still enjoy watching golf and talking about the Freee.

The "dimpled" ball still holds my Frew. Have you ever wondered why a golf un is dimpled? This may iil be one of the great mysteries of the universe, but just so you can say you are informed, ul reason a golf ball is dimpled im so dsting might travel farther. Free sex dating in wheeler il 62479 undimpled golf ball would only go Frde half as far sfx one with dimples. So, the feature of the ball that makes it look a little different wherler the characteristic that enhances its purpose. An apparent "flaw" is actually a positive feature. Many of us are quick to point out physical features that we believe affect our appearance adversely.

We whesler be so quick to point out our flaws and wish we didn't FFree a particular "imperfection. Fee writes "For you created my inmost ol you knit me together in my mother s womb. Ill praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. When you struggle with perceived "imperfections", remember that the perfect God is the one who created you the way you are. Putting your struggles in this light may bring you some perspective as to how you are to bring glory to God through what you consider to be "inglorious. Pastor Steve Wheelre Sunday July 15, Near where I live there is an intersection that has the potential for being a rather dangerous place.

A county-maintained blacktop that runs north-south joins a state road in the middle of a severe curve in the state road. I just drove through this intersection yesterday. Those of you who are local know this intersection 6279 it 62497 where the Dieterich Blacktop runs into State Route Drivers traveling north on the county road have a stop sign, but must take care when pulling onto the state road that there are no cars sx into the curve. Visibility is limited because of the topography at that junction. Because of the nature of the intersection, wjeeler traveling south on the wheeeler road actually wheeeler a straight shot onto the county road rather than following the curve of the state road.

As south-bound drivers on wheeeler state road datnig this point of decision, it would be good for them to signal which way they wish to travel even if they intend to follow the state road. Technically, if you are staying on the state road you are not making a turn, whedler are actually following the curve. However, because of the nature of the intersection it would be a good idea to use your signal. This is especially true if there are north-bound vehicles either stopped dsting the intersection or approaching the intersection. Using your signal would be a matter of courtesy, and weheler actually demanded. It would simply be a good idea. There are so many instances in life where this is the case - doing something that really isn't demanded, but just would be a good idea based on courtesy and consideration for others.

It seems in our society this is a trait that is sometimes lacking. I feel it is a trait that needs to be manifested more, and certainly should be part of the way of life for a follower of Christ. We should practice consideration for others at all times and do things for others just because it would be a nice thing, not on account of a demand. Honor one another above yourselves. I had opened the latches on the case and was distracted before I could take out the guitar. Another person picked up the case, dropped the guitar on the hard floor, and snapped the neck.

I was stunned, and there was nothing to be said or done at that point. Later, I had the guitar repaired, however, it did not play as well as it had before the accident. This is a picture of our dilemma. Humankind was damaged by the fall and we are simply not what we were before the fall. The fall left a permanent mark on us, and we cannot overcome the effects of the fall on our own. Unlike the fate of my bass guitar, those who follow Christ will become even better than we could have ever been, fall or not. We are new creatures in Christ and we will become like Christ when he appears to take us to live with him.

But we know that when he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. The effects of the fall will not be present in our eternal home. God says, "I am making everything new! The only answer for us is to be made new. This is what God will do! Then, we will look, sound, and be better than we ever could before! This is your new word for the day, and it is the fear of Friday the 13th. There may also be a fear of learning new words, but I have no idea what that is called. The reasons why Friday the 13th is considered "unlucky" are not really all that clear. The actual thought of Friday the 13th being a day that needs to be avoided doesn't seem to appear until the 19th century; however, according to some historians, the roots behind this fear may go back further.

Many trace the concern for the day back to the time of Christ as Christ was crucified on Friday, and Judas was the 13th person at the celebration of the Last Passover. This seems to be a bit of a stretch. All I can say is, don't try to blame this inordinate fear on Christianity. Although it was a day of cruelty suffered by the Savior, what took place that day certainly had nothing to do with bad luck. The day of crucifixion had been planned from eternity past as a day when Christ would become the necessary sacrifice for the sin of all of humankind.

Paul tells us a plan for salvation was determined since before the beginning of time, "This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time, but it has now been revealed through the appearing of our Savior, Christ Jesus, who has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. If you are following Christ, the fact that Christ came into the world to die for your sin makes you a "lucky" person. Let me change that - you are a blessed person. Of course, salvation has nothing to do with luck at all, but everything to do with the love and grace of our wonderful Savior.

And remember that there should be no fear as "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear. At the conclusion of one inning in which the home team had scored 4 or 5 runs, the announcer said, "Well, they enjoyed a big inning. I will try to refrain from that from now on. Is God really interested in baseball games? Some would say he is, I really wouldn't argue one way or the other, but I do know that God is interested in our lives and in all the little details of our lives. He wants us to live for him and be good representatives of him whatever we are doing. We can and should reflect His character and His person in all of our activities, including our recreational pursuits.

Paul writes, "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. We should remember this when we are planning our recreation and remember to thank God for such a good and perfect gift. There are activities we should avoid because they are wrong, but I shouldn't have to belabor that point to those who know who God is and the character of God. God wants us to enjoy him, enjoy life, and reflect his character in whatever we are doing. We can do that in a number of ways. That means time with grandkids. What is even better is they are now visiting me.

I am not even going to ask you to forgive me for using something they did as a basis for my article. And I am not going to ask you to forgive me for using another prayer story as a basis for my comments. My little grandson has moved to a different stage in his prayers. Instead of just bowing his head, folding his hands, saying "Pray! As I was listening to him the other day, I was reminded of one of the incredible provisions of God on our behalf. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes on behalf of the saints according to God s will. He intercedes with "groanings that cannot be uttered.

When we are in the middle of something that has us so tied up in knots that we don't even know how to begin to pray, focus on the reality that God who is in you the Holy Spirit is praying for you and saying for you what needs to said. This can be a great comfort and a great encouragement as we think about this. We don't feel it, we don't hear it, and we don't have any external evidence that it is taking place, but we can rest assured that it is taking place because this is the promise of God. And we can all say, "Amen! There was one problem: That's right - coins - 17 tons of them. How in the world would they spend that?

How could you buy a car or anything of value with coins? Think that would make the seller a little suspicious? They may have been rich, but they couldn't use their wealth for anything worthwhile. Most of us would think those thieves to be a bit foolish. However, many of us are doing the same thing - we are putting too much effort into the acquisition of worldly goods and wealth while forgetting to "store up treasure in heaven," as Christ advised us to do. We read in Matthew 6: But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. It won't do you any good - it really is "useless" treasure. Make sure you are acquiring true wealth! Pastor Steve Willis Monday July 09, Hudson Taylor, the pioneer missionary to China, scrawled this note as he neared the end of his life: I am so weak that I cannot work; I cannot read my Bible; I cannot even pray. I can only lie still in God s arms like a child, and trust. When it comes to our relationship with the Lord, we need to remember that childlike faith is what we need. As a child, I don't remember worrying about too many things, except for maybe the amount of chocolate milk that was in the refrigerator.

I trusted that my folks would take care of me. Actually, I really don't remember having a conscious thought about trusting my folks, I just did. That is the essence of childlike faith, which is what we should have. We read in Matthew Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Actually, we know how to trust, we just need to get back to that level of trust we had as kids when it comes to our relationship with Christ. Faith like a child is what we need to have. It takes the worries away! We all struggle with remembering things.

According to Karen Bolla, a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins, these are the things we forget the most: Followers of Jesus Christ often have a problem of forgetting. We forget what he has done for us. We forget the power he has for us. We try to deal with temptation in our own power. We forget what we should be doing for him. We forget our responsibility to others. We forget what our lives should be as believers in Christ. We need to turn our lives into his hands and allow his power to guide us so that we can be solid followers of him. Don't forget to walk in the power of Christ! David wrote, "Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

There are times we cannot trust our own abilities because we are unable to stand on our own. We need to trust "in the name of the Lord our God. Four hundred years earlier, their patriarch Jacob had entered the land along with his family. They were now leaving as a nation over a million strong. God saw to it that they were not going to leave empty-handed for all the work they had supplied over the years they had been there. He directed the people to seek compensation from the Egyptians: The Lord had made the Egyptians favorably disposed toward the people, and they gave them what they asked for; so they plundered the Egyptians.

However, it was not long before they abused the gift they were given. We read in Exodus 32 how they took the gold and jewelry that God had provided and they made a golden calf which they worshipped. We need to be careful that we are not guilty of the same thing. God does give us good things, and we are often guilty of misuse of the blessings he gives us. He gives us good things so that we might bless others and glorify him, but often we use our abundance for our own pleasure. Make sure that you use what God has given you wisely and in accordance with his desire. You do not need a golden calf! Pastor Steve Willis Friday July 06, Sometimes it seems that the most difficult people to reach for Christ are members of our own families who are not followers of Christ.

I find this a somewhat ironic, but very realistic circumstance. The difficulty is caused by a number of factors. We usually spend a good deal of time with our family members, and our family members usually don't have any trouble brushing off our attempts to share the message of Christ. We often feel guilty because of our inability to win those closest to us and we are perplexed by our struggle to be effective in our witness. The JCHD creates a medical record of your health information in order to treat you, receive payment for services delivered, and to comply with certain policies and laws. The uses and disclosures described in this Notice are applicable to the health department while they are delivering services at a health department facility or on behalf of the health department.

This Notice does not apply to service providers who are not part of the health department when they deliver services elsewhere or only on their own behalf. We are required by federal and state law to maintain the privacy of your PHI. We are also required by law to provide you with this Notice of our legal duties and privacy practices. In addition, the law requires us to ask you to sign an Acknowledgment that you received this Notice. This is a list of some of the types of uses and disclosures of PHI that may occur: We obtain medical information about you in treating you.

Your PHI is used by us to treat you. For example, we refer to PHI in treating you at the health department. We may also send your PHI to another physician, nurse or counselor to which we refer you for treatment. We may also use your PHI to contact you to tell you about alternative treatments, or other health-related benefits we offer. If you have a friend or family member involved in your care, we may give them PHI about you. We use your PHI to obtain payment for the services that we render. For example, we send PHI to Medicaid, Medicare, or your insurance plan to obtain payment for our services. We use your PHI for our operations. For example, we may use your PHI in determining whether we are giving adequate treatment to our clients.

From time-to-time, we may use your PHI to contact you to remind you of an appointment. We may use and disclose your PHI as required or authorized by law. For example, we may use or disclose your PHI for the following reasons: We may use and disclose your health care information to prevent or control disease, injury or disability, to report births and deaths, to report reactions to medicines or medical devices, to notify a person who may have been exposed to a disease, or to report suspected cases of abuse, neglect or domestic violence. We may use and disclose your PHI to state agencies and federal government authorities when required to do so.

We may use and disclose your health information in order to determine your eligibility for public benefit programs and to coordinate delivery of those programs. For example, we must give PHI to the Secretary of Health and Human Services in an investigation into our compliance with the federal privacy rule. Judicial and Administrative Proceedings: We may use and disclose your PHI in judicial and administrative proceedings. Efforts may be made to contact you prior to a disclosure of your PHI by the party seeking the information. We may use and disclose your PHI in order to comply with requests pursuant to a court order, warrant, subpoena, summons, or similar process.

We may use and disclose PHI to locate someone who is missing, to identify a crime victim, to report a death, to report criminal activity at our offices, or in an emergency. Avert a Serious Threat to Health or Safety: We may use or disclose your PHI to stop you or someone else from getting hurt. We may use or disclose PHI to an employer if the employer is conducting medical workplace surveillance or to evaluate work-related injuries. Coroners, Medical Examiners, and Funeral Directors: We may use or disclose PHI to a coroner or medical examiner in some situations.

For example, PHI may be needed to identify a deceased person or determine a cause of death. Funeral directors may need PHI to carry out their duties. We may use or disclose the PHI of Armed Forces personnel to the military for proper execution of a military mission.

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