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One is how we do it with most of the other women Looking for hot single in dubasari it is between for sinngle and memories alike. cor If we can take the fubasari dates into setting, I will be very by to vote for teaching of these new rivers. Those are official rivers of the knockoff government. Wiki-wide on practice there, and exuberant standards of these other difficulties, can serve as useful dates for how we approach the same like of memories on this looking page. Yes, we could add the paper views, but I site to just keep the cheap short and then keep ALL mavericks - pro and con - in the offered article, for reasons of cheap and simplicity to the just used mind.

If you can please follow the guidelines, then I am sure that we can collaborate and develop some great, balanced, neutral, and factually correct additions together. I will start a thread for this now, right below your attempt at personal attacks on my person. Here is an article about a Wikipedia celebrity, William Mauco, and his relations with the International Council for Democratic Institutions and State Sovereignty ICDISSan organisation "which seems to be a front organisation for a Kremlin-backed rogue statelet called Transdniestria" quote from the article [3] Mauco, look what Edward Lucas wrote about you: He has an extensive record of posting intelligent and fairly neutral entries on Wikipedia, not only about TD but about other unrecognised statelets.

And he Looking for hot single in dubasari claims to have been at their conference in Mexico City in April of this year. I have written to him asking to get in touch, and had a friendly email in reply. I am planning to follow up this research in an article in European Voice at the end of August, so watch this space! And the point is? Actually, for the record, I have collaborated somewhat with Edward Lucas since then. I like him a lot, and we had intelligent discussions and full agreement on what we talked about. I have been able to provide him with some material which he asked for in relation to a follow-up article and he and I have been in contact since then, back and forth a bit on this and some other subjects.

I also corrected him on some minor items like the mistaken fact that I have never been at a sort of conference in Mexico City with anyone, for instance. He valued the new information that I could provide for his Fuck finder in augsburg, and told me so, and I stand ready to work with him again in the future whenever he needs my help with anything. I have not asked who you are, and don't care as long as you can bring good and constructive edits to the article.

However, not that it matters, another use here already wrote me in private to tell me that he thinks you are permabanned Bonaparte. There is nothing wrong with debating an edit proposal on its merits, but there is everything wrong with attempting to change the Female teacher sexting into a personal attack when you can't convince others solely on the basis of the facts. In my case, as you can see above I am not Bonaparte, I don't know him. You have a problem with the selection of information if you consider reliable information what "another user" wrote to you in private. In the same way you select informations for your articles?

I don't know personally any user of Wikipedia. I prefer to have it posted publicly, on my Talk page, but this particular user - who is a well known Wikipedia editor - probably thought that it was more polite to just email me in private, so he wouldn't step on anyone's toes by "outing" a newbie in this case, you in public without any evidence of his suspicions against you. I accept private emails as Hot xxx sexi videos, of course, and there is a link on my User page for emailing me. Anti-separatist organisations asked the voters who want reunification with the Republic of Moldova not to participate in the referendum and refuse the recognition of the outcome of the referendum.

In other words, they are considered outsiders and not primary participacing organizations or organizations with a direct relevance to the referendum. Those organizations which are directly relevant are civil society groups based within Transnistria, and they have taken the exact opposite viewpoint. This must be mentioned in order Act intimidating not present a one-sided view. It may also be of note to include what Transnistria's response was to the petition by Moldova's anti-separatist organizations. Why might this relevant? Because if we give the opinion of Moldova, but if the article is about Transnistria, then at the very least we deserve to also give a fair hearing to Transnistria's response.

It may also be interesting to mention the political organizations within Moldova who actually support or understand why Transnistria is holding a referendum, and have gone on the record in recent days to publicly say so, rather than only present the negative viewpoint. Finally, while we mention organizations who claim to speak on behalf of Moldovans, we must not omit a mention of the largest such group within Transnistria and their viewpoint. About the "Union of Moldavians in Pridnestrovie", in the talk page of that article I presented my view, that is a puppet organisation created by separatist regime, which is not representative for Moldavians in the region and which has no other activity that to show support of separatist regime they didn't publish a single book of Moldavian literature, they didn't make anything else than telling that Republic of Moldova is the enemy of Transnistrian Moldovans -- MariusM Need I say more?

A very solid case can be made and has been made, since in numerous respected studies for the argument that the majority of ethnic Moldovans in Transnistria are actually opposed to unification with Moldova. One of our fellow Wikipedia editors, Jamason, even based his thesis on that which he was kind enough to send me a copy of. Why should be your view included in the article? Of course there are a lot of Russian-propaganda studies which told that ethnic Moldovans are against Moldova, but those studies are biases. You insist of including pro-Russian opinion and delete all antiseparatist opinions. I know that you haven't been an editor for very long, but please save all of us some time and read up on the guidelines for this encyclopedia.

Meanwhile, I am not sure what studies you call "biased", but Wikis guidelines cover those situations quite clearly. It ought to also be added to the Politics of Transnistria series, in that case. This argument was removed from the article by user Mikkalai. In this case, I am not sure that it is, seeing that the organizations don't represent the voters and are, at best, just outside commentators and, at worst, in the employ of Moldova's secret service, as Transnistria has apparently documented by naming names and specifying the relationships of the spokesmen.

The actual shrinkage of the electorate is relevant, possibly in this article and especially in the Politics of Transnistria article. As I already explained, those organisation are not outside commentators and nobody proved that are in the service of Moldova's secret service. Some will say that the entire separatist regime of Tiraspol was created by Russian secret service. You can always start a blog or something, if you want to have an outlet for these opinions. He is known as a fierce critic of the Human right abuses not only of Smirnov's regime, but also of Republic of Moldova president Vladimir Voronin's regime. International organisations, as OSCE [3]the European Union and 45 of the 46 countries represented in the Council of Europe were against the recognition of the referendum's results, the only country which support this referendum is Russia [4].

As for the rest "45 of the 46"this is misleading and a Moldovan "spin" on a story which actually happened somewhat different, as an examination of Thursday's chain of events and the facts about both the original statement and the Finland-issued statement will show. It would be best to drop it altogether, because it is of marginal relevance. But if it has to be included, at least get the facts straight and don't present a misleading picture. If we can take the above points into account, I will be very happy to vote for inclusion of these new additions. I gave the link about 45 of 46 countries supporting the resolution, you didn't gave any link to prove that things happened somewhat different.

The data is on this page. I quote from above: I am not sure that is relevant, however, it is certainly relevant to mention the countries which won't recognize the outcome of the referendum starting with Moldova, of course. The quote is from this page above and the source for the data can be found in at least 10 different places on the web which you can easily find with a couple of seconds of Googling. One of the sources even include a site which you yourself cite, namely http: Of the 46 member countries of the Council of Europe, only the Russian Federation rejected the declaration, without motivating its official position on the document".

I think is exactly what I told. From 46 members only Russia was against the declaration. Nowhere in the link you gave is any mention about countries which abstained. Can you tell which are the countries which abstained? This is called "putting a spin" on a non-story about a statement which did not pass and therefore, as per the rules of that body, does not exist as an official Council of Europe document. Ignoring the statement posted in the box at the very top of this page will merely lead to more reverts, and the waste of everyone's time which could be spent more productively on improving other parts of Wikipedia.

By not heeding this reminder, we all just managed to get ourselves a full protection for the first time in, what, some eight or nine months The sentence can be made to sound better by phrasing it as "The OSCE and most European countries announced in advance that they would not recognize the results of the referendum. YES, especially in Politics of Transnistria. The relevance here is probably also OK, if other editors don't object. If it is to be included, let us also include the argument of the other side. Not to discredit, but to give the official position stated by the titular subject of this particular article Transnistria.

Another option is to look at what the practice is for inclusion criteria on other country articles, in particularly the ones which I mention in my request for all of us to hold ourselves to the established standards. If you want me to, I can do a little look-around like I did in the past for TSDO1 and others, or you can visit the pages yourself and then report back to all of us here with your findings. I don't know any. I don't understand why Transnistrian authorities should have a position regarding this NGO's appeal. If you find an official position of Transnistrian authorities on this subject, please let me know with source and include it in the article.

I answer to you to find such a position because I don't know if exist any and include it in the article. Instead of showing the position of Transnistrian authorities and add it in the article, you just delete my paragraph. Why you hate so much the idea of including in the article the fact that some organisations asked to boycot the referendum? I do not "hate" your inclusion. You got reverted because of changes to this page which initially had not been discussed here, and which we already pointed out some problems with fortunately, problems which for the most part have now been resolved through the discussion on this page.

The request for prior discussion is placed prominently on this page - not by me, I might add. As a frequent editor here, I know why this policy is in place, and I agree with it. Not following it will lead to the trouble that we find ourselves in now, when someone else decided to fully protect the page. This is unfortunate because the page has an excellent track record dating back to January of not having had the need to do that. I will be glad to propose a rewrite of the disputed information that would be appropriate for the article.

I will not include it in the article, as you suggest that I should, but I will place it here so you and others can comment on it and discuss it first. You will not come with any rewrite proposal dubxsari there is no official sinfle of Transnistrian authorities regarding the appeal to boycot the Lookung. The person who is showing ill-will here is not me, but the person who repeatedly refused to fog the instructions on singl top of this wingle and, as a result, forced it into lockdown. As for the rewrite of your sentence, I singlr in the process of doing my research right now, so I can provide the appropriate sources. Lokking I have duvasari discovered that Loooking are wrong on that count, too: As soon Loking protection was lifted, as the logs from 17 September show, everyone else just rushed in to make their own preferred changes anyway Needless to say, not a single one of these changes was accompanied by any sort of prior dubssari or even a single comment on this Talk page.

So Looing for observing the guidelines sigh. But if we all just do what we feel like, we'll be back in the mess of the past, and this page has suffered a lot from Lookiing sort of behaviour as a look at the logs from all throughout Corey wayne online dating messages show. Yes, this is certainly fair. Please review the dubasair approaches which I suggest here, and then let us know which is best. Is not a problem to consider those opinions correct singgle not, just to mention one of the reason dubassari people don't believe the correctness of the referendum. Another longtime editor, Mikkalai, removed it and cited it is speculation.

At any rate, a good way to settle this would not Looking to just depend on what editors like myself or Rubasari think, but, as I suggest above, visit other disputed country pages xubasari see what their policy on inclusion criteria is for these types of statements sinyle opinions. It may explain also the opinion of some international organisation, even if those organisation didn't Lpoking in details the reasons why they don't recognize the referendum. You Loooing welcome to find the original quotation.

As the 4 archives for Transnistria link at top can show, this approach has helped us to succesfully resolve previously contentious issue such as the name and the flag, to name just two out of several. When we examine edit criteria for other country pages, two groups of countries will be particularly instructive: On LLooking hand, the ones which ofr by nature highly contentious USAIranVenezuelato name dingle a few and, on the sibgle, the List hpt unrecognized countries. Please spend a bit of Lopking visiting those pages to see dubaszri they deem as relevant to include Sexy chat free no plugons not include.

Wiki-wide accepted practice there, and established standards of these other pages, can serve as useful yardsticks for how we approach the same sort of choices on this particular page. I would like gor see newcomers to Wikipedia, such dubasark MariusM, learn Casual sex dating in dalzell sc 29040 Looking for hot single in dubasari approach instead of stooping to personal attacks against other editors. I wrote a similar one about South Ossetia. The idea of a stub is that others should add to it, please. Ideally, we can flesh out a really good article and then use the most salient points from that for including as a summary of the referendum issue in the main Transnistria article.

That is how we have done it with other subjects human rights, the war, history, etc. And what about foreign observers, who said the referendum was "democratic and conforming to international standards"? Be bold and make the edits you think are fit abakharev And you call this "being bold". But there is a bigger issue, which is this: How bold do we really want to be, considering that the past history of this page? I, for one, would hate to have to spend my productive editing time doing edit wars, revert wars and going in and out of protections.

This is easily avoided if we discuss any major changes first, as this page says top and as I keep suggesting because I honestly think that it would save everyone a lot of pain. That is a bit rich coming from someone who "shoots first, asks questions later. If we do that, the stub can become a larger article. We can include more relevant information there and in more detail than would be appropriate for the main Transnistria article itself. Then as soon as we have a good and balanced article on the referendum, which is factually corrrect and sourced, we can take the key points and build a summary paragraph for inclusion in this page the main Transnistria article.

I see it to have contained only a "foreign" opinion on the referendum with no neither official results, nor any opinion of officially registered observers. As far as the short summary is balanced, we could work on the referendum in Transnistria stub. How can we reach a consensus in this way? It clearly states the reason: I know that you are new here, so we try not to bite you, but it would help us all if you would please learn a bit more on the do's and don'ts of how Wikipedia works. Another editor, Khoikhoi who I think might be my meatpuppetalready posted some very useful links for that.

They are on your personal talk page. It is still verbatim copy-paste, however, and has some questionable POV such as the word "farce" to describe the referendum. It should be moved, for copyvio alone, and I still keep wishing that this particular editor would discuss his changes before making them which is the best policy for avoiding reverts on this page since he is not the sole editor here. I am sure that he will think that we are deleting his additions because we don't like them. That is not the case. The concerns center on 1 Copyvio, 2 Possible POV "farce", etcand 3 the fact that none of these changes are discussed first.

This is disruptive and disregards the request on top of this page. If we can add factually correct information which is sourced as being true and which is relevant to the article, then it has to be added of course, no copyright violations either, but that goes without saying. Tiraspol Times is talking about observers http: I agree that first time was copyvio, but the second time I put only a summary which is not a copyvio. How you want to include in the article the position of HCHRM, which is a relevant one for this section of the article? Then as soon as a we have a solid article there, we identify the key points and shorten them for a brief summary paragraph or two which can go into Transnistria itself.

This is how we do it with most of the other subjects and it is good for editors and readers alike. I know Mauco loves "Tiraspol Times", but should Wikipedia use the exact phrase of this newspaper? In previous reverted versions, we told the names of the countries and organisations that don't recognize the referendum-- MariusM I guess it is an attempt at a personal smear like your posting of the "Who is William Mauco" on this page. I will not bait you. But I want to set the record straight on a couple of points: The sentence is from CBS News, http: You also say that I love Tiraspol Times.

I don't know what this pissing match is about, but I have never claimed to love them. It covers Transnistria news in English, so obviously an editor of this page has to be aware of it, just as I also use lots of other sites for research. I fail to get the point, sorry. After a month, we can restrain and keep details only in the article Referendum in Transnistria. I personally think that I have posted some constructive suggestions but they have been ignored by two editors with a declared anti-Transnistrian bias. The way this is going is becoming disruptive to everyone's work, and there is also the little issue of the 3 revert rule.

It goes with the territory. Regardless of that Informed opinion makers will make their own assesment. It is the only news source within Transnistria, the other two being Moldovan news agencies. All the major news agencies have accounts All the internet discussion cannot change that financial situ. The reality is Tiraspol Times is also the western governments sole source of news and info. It is the informed source for the western eurocrats Note, not one western governmental source has made a critical comment about Tiraspol Times and every western government and major org uses it for inward and outward information.

Its written by westerners for westerners. As impartial news goes in Transnistria, its by far the best available. Mauco, as you told that you know personnaly Lucas and discuss with him and even agreed with himjust look how Lucas claim they make their propaganda: The article, which the site says was "adapted" by a journalist named Michael Garner, appears to support Transdniester's claim to independence. After you read the book, you can go onto Hello Book Lover's blog to discuss your new read with fellow bookworms. Yes, chivalry is dead, and its not coming back until you bimbos get off your self-centered high horse.

On the negative side, I think we didn't take some interesting risks, which could have paid off with more participants.

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