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Answer me that, Your Honor! In fact, I'd like to enter these credit card receipts into evidence against the advice of my attorney! Three year statute for credit card fraud, after that: As an openly gay comedian, I feel a responsibility to talk about a lot of issues that-- What? Are you gonna test me? You don't know if I'm lying. I can be as gay as I want to be up here, fuck you. What, are you going to strap me to a chair and blow loads in my face to see if I'm fibbing when I say I love it? I love homosexuality, I defend it. But I hate faginess, because it's aesthetically unpleasing, the whole [frolics] "La la la la!

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Cause they used to call them, before retarded was the word, doctors would use 'imbecile' or 'moron. So out of sensitivity, they changed the word to 'retarded' So you can keep changing the word, and if you make the new one stick that's what I'm going to call my friend. What are you, developmentally disabled? You don't fucking put a metal plate in a microwave, who doesn't know that? You just exhibited some of the atlantoaxial instability that is usually associated with the trisomie 21 genetic imbalance! And they have a press conference, and it's always something that's way weaker than the shit I say every night-- as a segue I say worse shit, nobody ever asks me to apologize.

I wouldn't, but I wanna be asked one time. I've got way better shit than they do, I demand outrage for God's sakes, what do I have to do? Having your cake or eating your cake are fine. Not even wanting cake is where you get fucked. When asked, "What would constitute 'complete happiness' to Doug Stanhope you? You own your body. No legislation should infringe on that. Afraid of appearing unmasculine, they take the credit after Barney creates "battle wounds" by blackening his own eye and punching Ted in the nose. They earn the admiration of everyone except Marshall, who claims that he used to fight with his brothers and Ted and Barney wouldn't stand a chance.

Ted and Barney laugh it off. Ted and Barney are sued by the losers of the fight. They admit to Marshall and the others that they had no role in the victory. Robin, who had been extremely attracted to Barney, cancels a date to a hockey match. Marshall gets the boys out of the lawsuit with their admission of no involvement. It usually happens when intense heat and wind combine, and it's common during wildfires like seen recently in California.


voug Music contains adult language. We've seen some interesting car modifications in our time, but this one is definitely the most, err, unique. Someone decided to go all out on this "Spongebob Squarepants" themed whip. View Now California Wildfire Visible From Airplane Window It's wildfire season in California with 17 currently burning in the state, so smoke and flames are pretty unescapable.

Vanessa Kuo captured an unbelievable sight outside of her airplane window while flying near niceet Cleveland National Forest. If you're traveling to or from California, please be safe! The FAM has decided to do something entirely crazy and we don't recommend it. It's a complete abandoned mess and some might even argue haunted.

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