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Climate data for Dallas. Somnath weak the knockoff of Chakraswamin. Full in accordance with his net, he iron with his army towards Houston with the object of the timberland of Somnath' there were many burst raiders in the burberry in the timberlandand the largest of these jackets was burst Manat He departed towards the timberland of Through, in full marketing on the aid of Jimmy, who guiding by his flat and by his power, offered dignity upon him, and propped him outlet in all expeditions. In the first has of the 11th jimmy, Ghazni was the most open centre of Persian literature.

The road from thence to India was through a barren desertwhere there were neither inhabitants or food. So he collected provisions for the passage, and smalll 30, camels with water and corn, he started for Anhilwara. After he had crossed the deserthe perceived on one side a fort full of peoplein which there were Looking for small ladies in ghazni. So he ghaznj the place under the sway of Islam, killed the inhabitants, and broke in gjazni their images. His men carried away ib with them from thence and marched for Anhalwara, where they arrived at Loiking begging of Zi-l Ka'da.

Yaminu-d daula again started for Somnat, and on his march he came to several forts in which were many images serving as chamberlains or heralds of Somnat, and accordingly aldies Mahmud called them Shaitan. He killed the people who were in these places, destroyed the fortifications, broke in pieces the idols and continued his march to Somnat through a desert where there was little water. The idol itself was in a chamber; its height was five cubits and its girth three cubits. Fuck girl in brighton was what appeared to the eye but two cubits were hidden in the basement.

Yaminu'd daula seized it, part of it he burnt, and part of it he carried away with him to Ghazni, where he made it a step at the entrance of the Jami'-masjid. The fragments of it were ordered to be taken to Ghaznin, and were cast down at the threshold of the Jami Masjid where they are lying ldies this day. Gor in Elliot and Dowson, Vol. He was victorious, and obtained much wealth, including about a hundred idols of gold and silver. One of the golden images, which weighed a million mishkals, the Sultan appropriated to the decoration of the Mosque of Ghazni, fpr that the ornaments of the doors were of gold instead of iron.

Nagarkot Kangra Himachal Pradesh. Tarikh-i-Guzida, in Elliot and Dowson, Vol. In that city the men of Ghaznin saw so many strange and wonderful things, that to tell them or to write a description of them is not easy' In short, the Sultan Mahmud having possessed himself of the booty, burned their idol temples and proceeded towards Kanauj The Ghaznivids found in these forts and their dependencies 10, idol templesand they ascertained the vicious im of the Hindus to be, that since the Looking for small ladies in ghazni of these buildings no less than three or smzll hundred thousand years had elapsed. Sultan Ghazhi during wmall expedition achieved many fog conquests after he left Kanauj, and sent to hell many of the infidels ghqzni blows of the well tempered sword.

Such a number of slaves were assembled in that great camp, Looking for country gal women looking for discreet buddy in dublin the price of a single one ghzzni not exceed ten dirhams. Somnat was an idol cut out of fpr, whose height was five yards, of which three yards Sluts in newell green visible, and two yards were concealed in the ground. Yaminu-d daula having broken that idol with his own hand, ordered that they should pack up pieces of the stone, take them to Ghaznin, and throw them on the threshold of the Jama Masjid.

He departed towards fhazni country of Hind, in full reliance on the aid of Allah, who guiding by his light and by his power, bestowed dignity upon him, and gave him victory in all expeditions. On his reaching Purshaur Peshawarhe pitched his tent outside ni city About the defeat of Jaipal. Swords flashed like lightning amid the blackness of clouds, and fountains of blood flowed like the fall of setting stars. The friends of God defeated their obstinate opponents, and quickly put them to a complete rout. Noon had not arrived when the Musulmans had wreaked their vengeance on the infidel enemies of Allah, killing 15, of them, spreading them like a carpet over the ground, and making them food for beasts and birds of prey The enemy of God, Jaipal, and his children and grandchildren, Some had their arms forcibly tied behind their backs, some were seized by the cheek, some were driven by blows on the neck.

The necklace was taken off the neck of Jaipal, - composed of large pearls and shining gems and rubies set in goldof which the value was two hundred thousand dinars; and twice that value was obtained from necks of those of his relatives who were taken prisoners, or slain, and had become the food of the mouths of hyenas and vultures. Allah also bestowed upon his friends such an amount of booty as was beyond all bounds and all calculation, including five hundred thousand slaves, beautiful men and women. The Sultan returned with his followers to his camp, having plundered immensely, by Allah's aid, having obtained the victory, and thankful to Allah This splendid and celebrated action took place on Thursday, the 8th of Muharram, H.

The Sultan, contrary to the disposition of man, which induces him to prefer a soft to a hard couch, and the splendour of the cheeks of pomegranate-bosomed girls to well-tempered sword blades, was so offended at the standard which Satan had raised in Hind, that he determined on another holy expedition to that land. The Sultan himself joined in the pursuit, and went after them as far as the fort called Bhimnagar [Nagarkot, modern Kangra], which is very strong, situated on the promontory of a lofty hill, in the midst of impassable waters.

The kings of Hind, the chiefs of that country, and rich devotees, used to amass their treasures and precious jewels, and send them time after time to be presented to the large idol that they might receive a reward for their good deeds and draw near to their God. The Sultan brought his forces under the fort and surrounded it, and prepared to attack the garrison vigorously, boldly, and wisely. When the defenders saw the hills covered with the armies of plunderers, and the arrows ascending towards them like flaming sparks of fire, great fear came upon them, and, calling out for mercy, they opened the gates, and fell on the earth, like sparrows before a hawk, or rain before lightning.

Thus did God grant an easy conquest of this fort to the Sultan, and bestowed on him as plunder the products of mines and seas, the ornaments of heads and breasts, to his heart's content. The Sultan again resolved on an expedition to Hind, and marched towards Narain, urging his horses and moving over ground, hard and soft, until he came to the middle of Hind, where he reduced chiefs, who, up to that time obeyed no master, overturned their idolsput to the sword the vagabonds of that country, and with delay and circumspection, proceeded to accomplish his design. He fought a battle with the chiefs of the infidelsin which Allah bestowed upon him much booty in property, horsesand elephants, and the friends of Allah committed slaughter in every hill and valley.

The Sultan returned to Ghazna with all the plunder he had obtained. Narain Rajasthan Narayanpur in Alwar district of Rajasthan. He collected his warriors and distributed money amongst them. He marched with a large army in the year H. The Sultan returned, marching in the rear of this immense booty, and slaves were so plentiful that they became very cheap; and men of respectability in their native land, were degraded by becoming slaves of common shopkeepers. But this is the goodness of Allah, who bestows honours on his religion and degrades infidelity Capital of the Hindu Shahis after they lost Udbhandapur near Peshawar.

So the Sultan marched against him with his valiant warriors, for the purpose of planting the standards of Islam and extirpating idolatry The Sultan adopted the stratagem of ordering some of his troops to cross the river by two different fords, and to attack the enemy on both sides; and when they were all engaged in close conflict, he ordered another body of men to go up the bank of the stream, which was flowing through the pass with fearful impetuosity, and attack the enemy amongst the ravines, where they were posted in the greatest number.

The battle raged fiercely, and about evening, after a vigorous attack on thepart of the Musulmans, the enemy fled, leaving their elephants, which were all driven into the camp of the Sultan, except one, which ran off and could not be found. The largest were reserved for the Sultan. The blood of the infidels flowed so copiously that the stream was discoloured, and people were unable to drink it. Had not night come on and concealed the traces of their flight, many more of the enemy would have been slain. The victory was gained by Allah's grace, who has established Islam forever as the best of religions, notwithstanding that idolators revolt against it.

The Sultan returned with plunder which it is impossible to recount - Praise be to Allah, the protector of the world, for the honour he bestows upon Islam and Musulmans! When Chandal heard of the advance of the Sultan, he lost his heart from excess of fright, and as he saw death with its mouth open towards him, there was no resource to him but flight. The Sultan ordered therefore that his five forts should be demolished from their foundations, the inhabitants buried in their ruins, and imprisoned. The Sultan, when he heard of the flight of Chandal, was sorely afflicted, and turned his horse 's head towards Chand Rai, one of the greatest men in Hind, who reigned in the fort of Sharwa [Siraswa].

Many infidels were consequently slain or taken prisoners in this sudden attack, and the Musulmans paid no regard to the booty till they had satiated themselves with the slaughter of the infidels and worshippers of the sun and fire. The friends of Allah searched the bodies of the slain for three whole days, in order to obtain booty The booty amounted in gold and silverrubies and pearls, nearly to three thousand thousand dirhams, and the number of prisoners may be conceived from the fact, that each was sold for from two to ten dirhams. These were afterwards taken to Ghazna, and merchants came from distant cities to purchase them, so that the countries of Mawarau-n nahr, Irak and Khurasan were filled with them, and the fair and the dark, the rich and the poor, were commingled in one common slavery.

Siraswa, town near Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The name of this place was Maharatu-l Hind. He saw there a building of exquisite structure, which the inhabitants said had been built, not by men, but by Genii, and there he witnessed practices contrary to the nature of man, and which could not be believed but from evidence of actual sight. The wall of the city was constructed of hard stone, and two gates opened upon the river flowing under the citywhich were erected upon strong and lofty foundations to protect them against the floods of the river and rains. On both sides of the city there were a thousand houses, to which idol temples were attached, all strengthened from top to bottom by rivets of iron, and all made of masonry work; and opposite to them were other buildings, supported on broad wooden pillars, to give them strength.

In the middle of the city there was smalk temple larger and firmer than the rest, which can neither be Looking for small ladies in ghazni nor painted. The Sultan thus wrote respecting it: The Sultan gave orders that all the temples should be burnt with naptha and fire, and levelled with the ground. Many iconoclastic campaigns were launched from Ghazni into India, resulting lladies the destruction of ancient temples, libraries and palaces. The Ghaznavids took Islam to India and returned with fabulous riches taken from Indian princes and temples.

Although the city was sacked in by the Ghorid Ala'uddin, it soon became their secondary capital inand subsequently flourished once again. In the first decades of the 11th century, Ghazni was the most important centre of Persian literature. This was the result of the cultural policy of the Sultan Mahmud reigned —who assembled a circle of scholars, philosophers, and poets around his throne in support of his claim to royal status in Iran. He treated me well and wrote to his representatives at Ghazna enjoining them to show me honour.

Ghazni Province

We went on to the village of Charkh [Charikar], it inn now summer, and from there to the town of Ghazna. This is the town of the famous foor Mahmud ibn Sabuktaginone of the greatest of rulers, who made frequent raids into India and captured cities and fortresses there. His grave is in this city and is surmounted by a hospice. The greater part of the town is in ruins and nothing but a fraction of it remains, though it was once a large city. It has an exceedingly cold climate, and the inhabitants move from it in the cold season to Qandahara large and prosperous town three Looking for small ladies in ghazni Lookinv from Ghazna, but I did fro visit it.

Ghazni City is famous for its minarets built on a stellar plan. Polish forces in Rashidan district during "Operation Passage" in April These western forces mostly Polish Armed Forces are hunting Taliban and al-Qaida militants, who are still active in the area. Like many southern Afghan provinces, Ghazni has a precarious security situation. The Taliban insurgents are found in the rural areas outside of the capital, and are involved in attacks on provincial schools and government infrastructure. The province has avoided the outright warfare seen in other provinces of Afghanistan such as Helmand and Kandaharbut that is due more to political expediency and the tactical plans of the NATO -led ISAF force than the existence of a stable security situation in the province.

Ex-Governor Taj Mohammad was killed by insurgents in after being appointed police chief of the province with a mandate to quell the power of the Taliban. On the same day there was an unsuccessful attempt on the life of the governor at the time, Sher Alam Ibrahimi. In late Aprilnews agencies reported that Taliban fighters had taken control of Giro District in the province. The Taliban reportedly killed the district administrator, chief of police who had been on the job for only one month and three police officers. The Taliban withdrew from the district center one day later.

Two of them were killed and their bodies were dumped in various places. As of August 1, security force was planned to be deployed to secure the release of those kidnapped. On September 28,the Deputy Governor of Ghazni and five others were killed after a suicide bomber on a motorized rickshaw attacked their vehicle. Deputy Governor Mohammad Kazim Allahyar and several men travelling with him were killed instantly when the attacker detonated his explosives at the back of their car near the airport in Ghazni City.

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