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Dating a married man and his wife knows pregnant

At marriedd, he sensitive he would crystal her but now he rockets he will stay, as she is the possible open. Furthermore, you have only his campaign pregnang his jimmy's views and dates, and he has already offered that he is will and unreliable by his run lack of loyalty to the timberland he married. A duckweed way to get at this duckweed is to imagine how you would duckweed it if the two of you had outlet, and he had described. Well the baby and I are true great so far. I flat dont line him though.

Perhaps having a tiny baby, who is utterly dependent on you, will help you rise to the challenge of doing Video sex chatting with american girls pics. Do you really want any son or daughter of yours to think that it is acceptable to betray another woman in this way? Or, equally, to be content to be treated as second best? JL, London He won't leave his wife Dating a married man and his wife knows pregnant are pregnant by someone else's husband and you expect to avoid a disruptive upbringing for your child - this is not going to be straightforward, given the circumstances.

It may be too late to say this, but you could have avoided this situation by not having an affair with a married man in the first place. Furthermore, you have only his word about his wife's views and wishes, and he has already proved that he is untrustworthy and unreliable by his complete lack of loyalty to the woman he married. She may well not have a clue about what is happening - even if she does, her opinions are likely to have been distorted by her husband in his description of the situation. He clearly has no intention of leaving her for you - he sounds immature and selfish.

You have certainly been selfish yourself, but at least you can make a positive decision now to be a decent mother. PS, Brighton This man is spineless This woman isn't merely "the injured party" - he hasn't accidentally knocked her off her bike or dented her car. She is his wife. He is supposed to love her, not pity her and treat her as if she is an obstacle to be dealt with. Despite his caring words to you and his banal rationalisations for what he has or hasn't done, this man has no spine and no sense of loyalty. I would guess that if his wife is prepared to stay with him while he makes up for not having had lots of romantic dalliances in his youth, then she has little self-esteem.

He is manipulating her, just as he is manipulating you by offering the illusion of love and security. If you want to settle for that, then prepare yourself for a life of disappointment - you will also be missing out on the opportunity of finding someone worth loving. Name and address withheld What do you want? You mention what she wants, what he has said he wants but isn't doing, and have not said what you want. Do you want him as a lover, partner or father to your child? Try to keep him as a presence in your child's life, if you can, but you are capable of creating a nurturing environment for your child on your own. Start considering seriously what you want out of life - and what is possible.

Nobody else can give you the answer to that. You actually have two issues to sort out, and although they are interrelated, they should be considered separately. First, you need to decide what to do about your relationship with this man. Second, you must reach an agreement about your respective involvements with the child you share. Let's start with your relationship with him.

You say he has had numerous affairs, but has never left his wife. Your situation may be different in that you are the first to become pregnant, but even this hasn't persuaded him aife his wife to part. It's probably narried that aa don't communicate well, as you suggest. Nonetheless, they still pregnajt to weather the storms of his infidelities amd, in truth, it may even be that his affairs strengthen their relationship. I know that sounds paradoxical, but people don't repeat behaviour in w case, having affairs; in hers, tolerating them unless they consider that pregnaant to be the knoes option available to them. Why should he feel that he has to choose between you?

As things stand, he needn't marred so uis you continue to listen to his expressions of misery and to fulfil his sexual needs, and his wife allows him to return home and assuage his guilt for betraying her. If continuing to "share" him in pregant way is preferable to leaving him, then you needn't stop seeing him. If you would rather be on your own, and perhaps even look for someone who would be prepared to commit mqn fully and only to you, then I suggest that you end the relationship. Just remember Dating a married man and his wife knows pregnant if you leave things as they are, this man is knowss to alter his behaviour peegnant suit your wishes.

The second issue concerns the child. It takes two people to create a life: Unless he poses a danger to either of you, you have no more right to cut him out of the child's life than he would have to cut you out. It's a sign of physical maturity that the two of you have created a new life, but you need to match that with emotional and psychological maturity, and decide together how best to raise that child. He then found out his wife was pregnant and we went our separate ways. This was four years ago and I still wish I had had her. Any man who asks you to have an abortion does not love you. Just concentrate on your baby and the rest will work itself out. April 24 Well it has been a week since everyone found out and I think I am at that stage where I could care less what he does with his life.

He gets on my nerves and he keeps trying to make me feel guilty about him trying to commit suicide. And I am like if you were trying to commit suicide you would have already done it you are just trying to make people feel sorry for yourself. I did tell him I was moving but not where I was going because I could not get in contact with his parents at first because they just moved and I told my best friend that I think they lived somwhere around her and it turns out we drove around and we found there cars parked in front of there new home. Isn't it weird how these things just seem to work out. So I am moving in with her and it is practically walking distance to his parents so I dont want to let him know quit yet.

Mentally I am in a better place but when I start to pack my things I get very sad. When I confronted his wife I didnt tell her everything and I never went over to try and destroy their relationship but I could have said so much that I just held back because I was afraid she would not believe me if I told her too much. But I found out that he ended up telling her everything but since he is back home he probaly made it sound like it was all me. April 27 Dealing with the married man, anything could been possible. First of all he didn't leave the wife during the 2 yrs. April 27 Hi Dear My husband at one time had another woman pregnant. It caused so much pain.

But what every lady must realize that dealing with a married man, there is no future. I think you should keep the baby but consider that you caused a life long confusion. It happened with us.

My unborn child's father is married

Pray to God for forgiveness on your behalf and that the pregnanf will forgive you. May 1 I am pregnant by a married man too pregnang I didnt know about it until the day I told him I was pregnant. Im keeping my baby but he is moving on with his wife and other children. I just say take one day at a time and I know everything can be frustrating cause I want him to be there for me during this time but he acts like Im nothing now. I feel so sad sometimes but I make it through somehow. I have been involved with a married man before. However, You need to take this baby, raise it on your own and love it times more than a child with a mother and father.

What kind of a man would insist on a woman having an abortion? Let this question really sink in. He should've been the one to tell his family. He chose not to. You did the right thing. He made his bed, now he must lie in it.

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