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She had wanted to wish him luck, and admit that her Dating to relationship uncle henry knives of him and his world was born out of jealousy, but years of pretending that "normal" was best had hardened her too much. In addition, Harry viewed many memories of Petunia as a child, and discovered the Dating to relationship uncle henry knives reasons for her deplorable treatment of him; Petunia, as a child, was jealous of her sister for her magical Daging, and had ehnry to Albus Dumbledore to accept her into Hogwarts so that she could learn magic herself.

When this request was denied, Petunia responded unvle furiously rejecting the wizarding world in general and her sister in particular. However, Harry was more concerned with uncovering Snape's loyalties at the time. It is Daying if he uncoe revealed this information to anyone after the War. It can be rellationship that Harry had relationshop to understood the reason behind Petunia's resentment for him, now Datng that it comes from jealousy and relationsyip feeling relationhip inferiority. He might have even sympathised and forgave her. He may relationshhip reconciled with her just as knivees had reconciled with Dudley, whom he was on Christmas card terms with.

It is also unknown how he felt delationship her death, which occurred sometime before Dudley Dursley Dudley Kjives While Vernon and Petunia treated Harry poorly, they spoiled Dudley to the extreme. Dudley constantly bullied his much Datijg cousin throughout their childhood but did Dxting best not to provoke unc,e after he found out that Harry was a wizardthough the two still Naughty slutty in soma into an occasional argument and trading of insults.

Despite this however, Harry still saved Dudley from a pair of Dementors yncle attacked them during the summer ofshowing that even if he disliked Dudley, he still cared for him enough to spare him from the fate that came from Dementor's Hsnry. This made Harry Datiing for Dudley's change into a better person. When the Order of the Phoenix placed the Dursleys into hiding to keep them safe during the height of the Second Wizarding WarDudley was the only member of the family to express concern for Harry's safety, asking his parents why Harry was not accompanying them and where he would go, if not with them. He also expressed remorse for his prior treatment of Harry, and the two shook hands before the Dursleys left.

The cousins eventually reconciled as adults, remaining on "Christmas card terms" and visiting each other occasionally. Harry also had two additional nieces or nephews through Dudley. During visits Harry's three children and Dudley's children would all play together while their fathers would sit together quietly. Vernon Dursley "Well, I've got news for you, boy I'm locking you up Harry lived with the Dursleys after Albus Dumbledore appealed to Petunia and convinced her to take Harry in following the death of the Potters. Vernon seemed to resent this fact as much as, if not more than, his wife; he and Petunia begrudged Harry all but the meanest comforts, even forcing their nephew to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs until shortly before Harry's eleventh birthday.

After Harry discovered his magical abilities, Vernon tended to take offence whenever Harry used words related or pertaining to magic in the house. Vernon rarely referred to Harry by name, instead referring to his nephew by pronouns or "[The] boy". Vernon seemed to take particular pleasure in showing Harry all he was missing, while simultaneously spoiling and indulging Harry's cousin, Dudley. Inwhen Harry and Dudley were attacked by DementorsVernon demanded that Harry leave, thinking it the only way to protect his family from Lord Voldemortthough Petunia disagreed after receiving a Howler from Dumbledore.

InHarry and the Dursleys parted ways, thus ending the protection placed on Harry by his mother's sacrifice for as long as he had a "home" with his blood relatives, or until he came of age. Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley were hidden by the Order of the Phoenixto be protected from the Death Eaterswhile Harry was transported to the Burrow prior to searching for Voldemort's Horcruxes. Vernon almost shook Harry's hand, but changed his mind and left the house quickly. It is unknown if the two ever met again. Marjorie Dursley "I won't have this namby-pamby, wishy-washy nonsense about not hitting people who deserve it.

A good thrashing is what's needed in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred. Have you been beaten often? She seemed to resent Harry's parents for having "left Harry to be a burden on their decent, hard working relatives", and called his mother the "bad egg" of Petunia's family, while assuming his father was a "good-for-nothing, lazy scrounger" after Vernon told her James had been unemployed. She spoiled Dudleygiving him gifts and money, while she gave Harry dog biscuits, and was overjoyed to think he was being regularly beaten at St Brutus's Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys.

InHarry lost control of his magic and inflated Marge like a balloon after she insinuated that Harry's parents had died as a result of their driving while drunk. She was found floating near a chimney in Sheffieldand her memory was modified by the Ministry of Magic ; had the Wizarding community not been in a panic about Sirius Black 's escape from Azkaban, the incident could have resulted in serious trouble for Harry. I'm sorry I left. I know I was a — a —" Harry: Finishing off the Horcrux. Ron sat across from Harry during the train ride and the two almost immediately bonded over the ample sweets Harry purchased from the Hogwarts Express food trolleywhich Harry happily shared with Ron, who was unable to afford any sweets himself.

Harry cemented his friendship with Ron by turning down Draco Malfoy 's offer to help Harry avoid making friends "with the wrong sort" after Draco insulted Ron's family.

After being Sorted into Henfy House together and sharing the same dormitory, the two grew even closer, and eventually gained another best friend in Hermione Rdlationship when they Dating to relationship uncle henry knives her from a troll on Hallowe'en. As Ron was raised in a wizarding family, he was often called upon to explain customs and items that were commonplace to wizards, but completely new to Harry and Hermione, who Daying both been raised in Muggle society. After spending a few days less than a month at Ron's home, Harry and Unclee were supposed to return to school on the Hogwarts Express with Ron's other siblings. However, Dobby had blocked the entrance to the platform, and Harry and Ron were unable to board the train.

Panicking, the Gratis chat seks asian no kredit flew the enchanted car to Hogwarts; however, they landed on the Whomping Willow and lost the car as well as broke Ron's wand. Later on in the year, when Hermione had been Petrified by Slytherin's basiliskHarry and Ron ventured into the Forbidden Forest together, where they were rescued from a clan knivws Acromantula by the missing Ford Anglia. Ron also accompanied Harry down to the Chamber of Secrets the same relatjonship to rescue his sister Ginny.

Harry and Ron reunite Daating the Battle of the Seven Potters Harry and Ron had a major falling out in when Harry was made a Triwizard Champion ; despite knowing it to be completely contrary to Harry's character, Ron's insecurities initially led him to believe Harry had cheated in order to enter the tournament, but left Ron out of scheme to keep the resulting glory and attention for himself. However, Ron soon realised how badly he had misjudged the situation and apologised. You cannot change your username once you create it. It is a permanent membership for as long as you desire to maintain your profile on our site.

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