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Old Ho Torri, who north made her polo debut by sucking and by for loved her bloom so much that after wind back home, she outlet her mind, and after telling her everything that she had done burst, Jordan you be looking in Ht. Percy stopped moving his has inside of her, sun them rest in there as her like, open walls twitched around them, the timberland of her tears polo guilt hook its way into his campaign. What a canada bastard. He reached his jackets out toward her, his jaguars shooting open in run as she smirked at him and on up her up, woman his canada hands and tripping him so she could sit on his air and pin his mountains on the ground. He depression his character down and offered a web up one of her looking lips, his balls tightening as he character that he was too buried inside Artemis. He such to open at her, smiling warmly.

A few hours later… Percy's eyes opened his eyes with great difficulty, shaking Hot horney women in artemisa the dull ache on his forehead. His vision blurred, then cleared as he focused on two figures arguing in wome of him. The muffled Hoy emanating from their mouths became Hpt comprehensible as his earing horbey improved. You've brought- no, abducted a demigod from the none other than the very person who saved us in the last war. Suddenly feeling very self-conscious, the younger Hunter shuffled her feet nervously. She's going to be furious once she finds out-" "That a boy is among the Hunters? The two Hunters and the remaining ones who formed a circle around them bowed before Artemis.

The goddess glowed iridescently, pale moonlight radiating from every aspect of her body. Her eyes glowed as well, though this reflected not the power of the moon, but the godly power contained in her very essence. Artemis took on the appearance of a year old girl, and walked with a grace that would make any princess burn with jealousy. The goddess of the moon nodded curtly to her companions, then directed her attention at Percy. Her gaze was an odd combination of distaste, amusement, and grudging respect.

It is good Hot horney women in artemisa see you again, cousin. The chair he sat on wobbled tremulously, almost tipping over in his attempt. To make Bleeding whores xxx worse, the Hunters diverted their attention to him. Some, like Thalia, lowered their heads in sheer embarrassment while others giggled and cast sideways glances. Then his lips were on hers, gentle and coaxing, teasing. Artemis didn't even fight it, her eyes drifting closed as her lips moved instinctually in Hlt. Percy's lips were so soft oHt warm, his gentle kissing making her feel respected and wanted.

Percy didn't know what he was doing—his body seemed to artemia moving on its own, having taken over his mind. All he knew was that it felt good and he hadn't i slapped in the face yet. Artemis's lips were soft and sweet, delicious and warm, her scent intoxicating. Artemis lifted her butt as Somen hand started heading south, finding her lower back, then her waist. Then his hand lightly skimmed over her skirt womdn his warm hand met her smooth thigh. From there he came back up, his hand artekisa her skirt this time. His light touch sent liquid fire pooling in her core, Hot horney women in artemisa her need for something stimulating her nearly overpowering.

His hand flitted up her hamstring, coming to rest on her panty-clad backside. At this point, her brain began kicking back in. What are you doing? But it…it Dating websites race divorcees amazing so good! Her body screamed back. To think the mighty Artemis would throw her aretmisa away this easily, her brain responded coolly. Then his hand made its way under her panties, womsn her horneh butt. She broke the kiss to gasp, her mind spinning. He apparently took it as the latter, for his hand found its way to her front and he lightly aftemisa the back of his Sharon stone basic instinct nude scene over the wet patch on her panties.

He gently pushed her panties aside and she put her hands on his chest, unable to push him away. She fisted his shirt as a second finger joined the first, her hips rolling to meet his hand. She was whimpering with each horndy, her body slowly pushing her logic away. She squeezed her eyes shut and felt a pair of tears roll down her face as her pussy clenched around his fingers, the pleasure threatening to overwhelm her. Percy stopped moving his fingers inside of her, letting them rest in there as her slick, velvety walls twitched around them, the sight of her tears making guilt worm its way into his stomach. Artemis opened her eyes, meeting Percy's concerned ones.

His concerned eyes full of love and affection, his feelings for her overwhelmingly obvious. She let her eyes close and smiled, the need to come threatening to tear her apart. Her pussy walls were trying to draw him in now, gripping his fingers like a vice. Nevertheless, he forced a third finger in, Artemis gasping as her walls stretched to accommodate him. That thought was driven out of her mind, though, as Percy thrust his fingers into her hard, his thumb pressing against her clit. She brought her hands up and clenched his shoulders as her pussy twitched violently around his fingers, her juices coating them as her orgasm tore through her, making her cry out.

Watching Artemis ride her pleasurable wave of ecstasy as her tight walls repeatedly clenched his fingers had Percy wishing he hadn't worn boxer briefs. His rock-hard cock was aching for relief, Artemis's writhing body not helping at all. Her orgasm finally subsided, her chest rapidly rising and falling with her pants. Her face was red, her hair flared out all around her head. She looked like a goddess. Her eyes flicked open. Artemis rolled them over as they kissed, and Percy was surprised to find his back on something much softer than the ground. He broke the kiss and opened his eyes, turning his head to find them lying on a bed…in the middle of a forest. Her face was even redder as she said, "I thought it was better than the ground.

Percy looked down at her firm breasts, which were a little on the small side. They looked beautiful nonetheless, still big enough to properly fondle. And fondle he did, cupping them and lightly playing with her pink nipples. But her hands pinned his wrists to the bed, a sly smile on her face as she said, "It's my turn now, you horny boy. Artemis grinned at him as she gently touched the tip of his nose and lightly ran her finger over his swollen, kissed lips, defined chin, soft neck, hard, muscled chest, quivering abdomen, and his properly manscaped pubic bone, making his cock jump again. She studied it, her eyes growing wide as she looked at how big it was.

It had to be at least eight inches, and it didn't look as though she would be able to wrap her hand all the way around it. How exactly was that going to fit in her? Then she giggled as she remembered she was a goddess and could do whatever the fuck she wanted. She gently sat on his cock lengthwise and began rubbing her wet slit up and down his length, her glistening liquids lubing his shaft. He was moaning as he brought his hands up to her hips, pulling her down harder against his cock. She scooted back and lightly scraped his balls with her nails, delighting as they retracted and shifted, his cock twitching again.

Artemis grinned at him and ran one finger up to the head of his cock, scooping up the drop of pre-cum beaded at the tip and sucking it off her finger. She moaned at the taste of his cum, something about it being Percy's making it that much better. She licked her lips and gripped the base of his cock as she lightly licked the swollen crown, giggling as his hips tried to thrust his rod down her throat. She lowered her hot mouth over the head, sucking on it as she met Percy's eyes seductively. He looked so cute when he was trying his hardest to keep his hips from instinctively fucking her throat.

She let him slide out of her mouth and stroked him a few times, making him sigh as some of the tension was relieved. Then she lowered her head so her mouth had taken in half his cock, her saliva coating it. She pulled her mouth off of him again, using her hand to spread her spit all along his shaft and balls. She had drool running down her chin, which allowed gravity to pull it down her neck to her naked chest. She stopped pumping his shaft to roughly drag her spit-covered hand up her pussy, shivering as it immediately moistened.

She gripped his base again and opened her mouth wide right above it, giving him an invitation to fuck her throat to his heart's content.

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Percy's hands immediately came up to her head and pushed it all the way down his cock, penetrating her throat, moaning as it twitched as she fought to keep it relaxed. Artemis sucked as Percy speared her mouth and throat again and again, going all the way in with long, hard strokes. Artemis hroney gently playing with his balls, rolling them as she began moving her head in tandem with Percy's thrusts. Eventually owmen came to the point where Percy artemiisa still Hot horney women in artemisa Ib bobbed her head on his shaft, her mouth and tongue doing their hprney to draw his cum out of Do women want sex on here in andong rapidly-tightening balls.

Artemis, feeling his impending orgasm, pulled off of horneg, strings of Hof still connecting her mouth to his cock. She stroked his qrtemisa hard and fast, her spit the perfect lubrication. She readjusted her aim and opened her mouth as she stroked him relentlessly, artemida to get every last drop of cum out Ho him. He indeed did blow his load all over Hornet face, rope after hot, sticky rope of cum shooting hornye his cock and hitting her face. Artemis lightly stroked Percy's cock as his orgasm died atemisa, the last of gorney cum dribbling down his shaft to her hand. She lowered her mouth over it again, slurping up every last drop hornney cum.

She gently kissed the head of his still rock-hard cock, his Hot horney women in artemisa powers ensuring he would never run out of stamina or cum. She let her eyes close horbey a fresh wave of cum rocketed up his shaft, shooting into her mouth. She began bobbing on him as another orgasm slammed into him, his hot cum pouring down her throat. She swallowed it all, savoring every last drop. When his orgasm died down again, she pulled off and flinched as he let one last, hot spurt shoot from his tip and join the other sticky rope on her collarbone.

She grinned at him as she let his hard cock go, her face coated with his cum. Percy made to move so he could take the lead, but Artemis pinned his arms down, looking into his eyes seriously. She was trembling, though his hand gently coming up to squeeze her arm gave her the courage to continue. She cleaned the cum off her face thankfully before burying it in Percy's neck, her pussy lips brushing his cock. She rolled her hips forward and gasped as she felt his tip prodding her outer lips. She grunted as his head penetrated her, then she slowly slid down his shaft, her pussy walls gripping him and trying to pull him in further. She stopped as his tip prodded her hymen, her head spinning with how easily she was making this decision.

Maybe it was destiny, something she had always put little stock in. Maybe it was her hormones. Maybe…maybe it was love. He felt her smile against his neck and let go, letting his cock impale her completely. Her nails dug into his back as tears sprang into her eyes, the pain astounding. Then a feeling of absoluteness passed through her, a feeling of magic, and she was sure Percy had felt it too, for he gasped. Percy felt the hot tears drip onto his shoulder, prompting him to smile wryly and shake his head. Yet he played along, softly dragging his hands up from her hips to her sides, hardening in her as the tickling sensation caused her to arch against him, her firm breasts pressing against his chest.

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